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Rhodium Industries LLC
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September 21, 2021
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October 21, 2021
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    Project Overview

    Rhodium Technologies LLC (Rhodium) is seeking to hire Brandit, LLC (Brandit) to build from the ground up. The goal of this project will be to create an engaging, interactive website with a modern, technology-forward design that will empower Rhodium’s team to easily publish content using a validated WordPress page builder and plugin framework.

    Our Approach

    We use a validated process for all project engagements. This process is designed to help us dig into the details of your business and industry during discovery in order to create the messaging and interactive designs that capture your brand in a beautiful, high-converting website.


    The site should launch within 14 days from the initial discovery meeting. Timing is subject to approvals and content being provided in a timely manner.

    Statement of Work and Estimates

    Price estimates are based on initial objectives and may change as mutually agreed upon tasks and objectives change. Cost estimates and payment schedules are provided in two milestones.

    2x Expedited Design & Development (5-8 pages) using Brandit’s WordPress Framework

    Total Estimated Cost: $8,200

    Milestone 1 – Discovery, Content Strategy, Home & Internal Page Design
    50% Deposit ($4100) of Total Project Fee is Due to Start Work Weeks

    Brandit and the Rhodium will schedule at least two discovery calls that may be followed by additional phone calls and emails to discuss the core strategy and goals of the design project. During the first milestone Brandit will provide the following service:

    • Confirm site requirements for branding and design as well as sitemap and functionality.
    • Define any plugins or additional development needed to execute on website deliverables that are not already existing in the current theme such as Google Tag Manager, contact forms, etc.

    Week 1 – Design

    Brandit will spin up a development server on our platform and begin our initial design and development sprint. During this period, Brandit will perform the following services:

    • Work closely with the Rhodium team to create a finalized homepage design. This home page sets the tone and design style for other internal pages on the website.
    • Customize and configure the themes, user experiences, and content organizations. Mobile views of the website’s design will vary based on screen size and platform and will not look exactly the same for all users. However, all designs will be fully responsive and take a mobile-first approach.
    • Create initial internal page layout and design using the Divi page builder on the development environment.
    • Site Development, Internal Page Design, and 3rd Party Integration
    • Install and start configuration for any additional plugins needed for site functionality and 3rd party integrations as defined during Discovery.
    • Create graphics for headers as needed using Adobe Stock and content provided by Rhodium.

    Milestone 2: Website Launch, Post-Launch Setup and Training
    We’ll begin work after 100% of the total project fee ($8200) has been deposited. Weeks 2

    Weeks 2

    After the initial designs have been sent over to you, the next weeks will include the design of unique features, revision rounds, speed optimization, SEO. During these weeks, Brandit will provide the following services:

    • Complete two design and content revision rounds based on the feedback from Rhodium’s team with up to 15 hours of total work.
    • Test site on the latest two versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Edge as well as on most recent versions of Android and iOS on the last two years of device releases.
    • Add and configure WP Rocket speed optimization plugin to perform both on-site HTML, JS, and CSS minification and multi-level caching.
    • Perform on-site SEO optimization based on existing content using the Yoast SEO plugin.

    The final week of the project includes migrating the sites to your existing host (we also provide optional enterprise-grade hosting at ScaleWP), pointing your domain to the new website, and adding and configuring the Cloudflare CDN if applicable. During these final weeks, Brandit will provide the following services.

    • Add and configure Cloudflare’s CDN to perform DNS-level HTML, JS, and CSS minification, multi-level caching and other speed optimizations.
    • Train staff to manage the site as needed in 1-2 training sessions via in-person meetings or by teleconference. This may include 2-4 personalized tutorial videos when necessary.
    • Assist with user issues and any final fixes totaling no more than four hours.
Subtotal $8,200.00
Total $8,200.00


Thanks so much for choosing the Brandit Platform for your project!


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