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Andrea Lauren Elegant Interiors
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April 4, 2019
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May 30, 2019
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    Project Overview

    Andrea Lauren Elegant Interiors (ALEI) is seeking to engage Brandit, LLC (Brandit) to redevelop their website, messaging, branding design and style guides using a structured four milestone approach.

    About Brandit

    Brandit is a full-service website design & development company that specializes in building best-in-class websites using a validated WordPress platform built on scalable AWS hosting containers.

    Our company started over 5 years ago after our founder struggled to get a basic website built. He found that in the world of website development, a large portion of service providers are building websites that are either built on proprietary platforms that lock clients’ into expensive hosting plans, or they are built with hard-coded templates making them extremely difficult to edit by your internal team without coding knowledge.

    This motivated us to create a WordPress platform that empowers internal teams to edit their website easily while leveraging a powerful cloud platform and WordPress framework. Our websites combine WordPress’ most widely used page-builder with a validated framework of plugins that are tailored to your business goals. This framework is both easy-to-use and capable of producing some of the most advanced design elements available on the web today. We also offer fully-managed hosting plans that run on dedicated AWS and Digital Ocean containers which are capable of scaling to millions of monthly users.

    Team Structure

    My name is Braden Katz. I am a multidisciplinary designer and content strategists with professional experience in UX/UI design, graphic design, data visualization, content strategy, art direction, brand positioning, interaction design and web design. I will act as the lead project manager and primary contact throughout the life of this project. I work with anywhere from 3-6 distributed team members for each project depending on the size and scope of the project. For ALEI, I will be leading the branding, content strategy and design initiatives and I also will work with copywriters, an SEO expert and a senior PHP and WordPress developer.

    Our Approach

    We use a validated four milestone process for all project engagements. This process is designed to help us dig into the details of your brand and organization during Discovery in order to lay the groundwork for creating the messaging and visual system that captures your brand and style guide to be implemented in a beautiful, interactive website. 


    The site should launch 60 days or sooner from the initial discovery meeting in early April. Timing is subject to approvals and content being provided in a timely manner.

    Statement of Work and Estimates

    Price estimates are based on initial objectives and may change as mutually agreed upon tasks and objectives change. Cost estimates and payment schedule are provided in four milestones.

    Full-Service Package Plus Additional Pages (25 Total Pages) 
    Total Estimated Cost: $12,150

    Milestone 1 – Discovery, Wireframing, User Personas, Content Strategy and Scope of Work
    25% Deposit ($3037.50) of Total Project Fee is Due to Start Work

    Weeks 1-4

    Brandit and the ALEI will schedule at least two initial conference calls that may be followed by additional phone calls and emails to discuss the core strategy and goals of the branding and design project. During the first milestone Brandit will provide the following services:

    • Confirm site requirements for branding and design as well as sitemap and functionality.
    • Define any plugins or additional development needed to execute on website deliverables such as Google Tag Manager, CRM’s or other integrations. 
    • Work closely with ALEI to define up to four key user personas that have the largest footprint on the organization’s growth and mission.
    • Use these user personas in combination with our discovery discussion on brand tone, vision and messaging to create a new logo design and style guide.
    • Examine and list leading websites and organizations in the space with a discussion of which aspects of these brands are most appealing and effective.
    • Consult on hosting requirements to determine if managed hosting is needed, or get login credentials for your existing hosting platform.
    • Create detailed wireframes and content strategy deliverable that includes low-fidelity mockups of all website pages with both content strategy and design notes for each page. This document is used as a detailed scope of work to describe the final website deliverable that will be ready at launch.

    Milestone 2: Primary Design and Development Sprint
    We’ll begin work after 50% of the total project fee ($6075) has been deposited and we receive final wireframe approval.

    Week 4-8 – Design

    With the wireframes, logo design and style guide finalized, Brandit will spin up a development server on our platform and begin our initial design and development sprint. During Milestone 2, Brandit will perform the following services:

    • Work closely with the ALEI team to create a finalized homepage design that draws from the new logo, style guide and wireframe deliverable. This home page sets the tone and design style for other internal pages on the website.
    • Customize and configure the theme, user experience and content organization based on the approved wireframes. Mobile views of the website design will vary based on screen size and platform and will not look exactly the same for all users. However, all designs will be fully responsive and take a mobile-first approach.
    • Create initial internal page layouts.

    Weeks 6 – 10 Site Development, Internal Page Design, Copywriting and 3rd Party Integrations & Content Development

    • Create initial designs and layouts for internal pages using the wireframe as a broad layout guide such as but not limited to gallery pages, design & consulting services pages, and about pages.
    • Install and start configuration for any additional plugins needed for site functionality and 3rd party integrations as
    • defined during Discovery.
    • Create final graphics for headers and featured graphics as needed using images and content provided by ALEI.
    • Work closely with ALEI team to develop first draft of content for all website pages.

    Milestone 3: Website Launch, Google Analytics Configuration, Post-Launch Setup and Training
    We’ll begin work after 100% of the total project fee ($12150) has been deposited.

    Weeks 10 -14

    After the initial designs have been sent over you, the next weeks will include revision rounds, speed optimization and SEO. During these weeks, Brandit will provide the following services:

    • Complete two design and content revision rounds based on the feedback from the ALEI team with up to 15 hours of total work.
    • Test site on the latest two versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari & IE as well as on most recent versions of Android and iOS.
    • Add and configure WP Rocket speed optimization plugin to perform both on-site HTML, JS, and CSS magnification and multi-level caching.
    • Perform on-site SEO optimization based on existing content using the Yoast SEO plugin.

        Milestone 4: Website Launch, Google Analytics Configuration, Post-Launch Setup and Training
        We’ll begin work after 100% of the total project fee ($24,000) has been deposited.

        Weeks 14 -16

        • The final two weeks of the project include pointing your domain to the new website and adding and configuring the Cloudflare CDN. During these final weeks, Brandit will provide the following services:
        • As needed, configure 301 redirects for up to 20 renamed or deleted Web pages.
        • Add and configure Cloudflare’s CDN to perform DNS-level HTML, JS, and CSS magnification, multi-level caching and other speed optimizations.
        • Train staff to manage the site as needed in 1-3 training sessions via in-person meetings or by teleconference. This may include 2-4 personalized tutorial videos when necessary.
        • Brandit will configure Google Analytics and baseline reporting and create a basic reporting dashboard as defined in the discovery phase.
        • Assist with user issues and any final fixes totaling no more than six hours.

        Featured Projects This is a venture-backed blockchain company that came to us with a whitepaper. We worked with them to develop their branding & logo design, content strategy, copywriting, and website from scratch. We also are also acted as Head of Product and design for their web application, and lead its complete redesign and front-end development. Since working with us to redevelop their brand, website, product, and overall content strategy they have closed hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional funding and their valuation doubled from $10m to $20m. Innovatics Laboratories sells advanced nutritional blood testing products that are designed to identify precursors to many conditions and illnesses. We worked with them provided logo design, brand position, content strategy, copywriting, as well as web and e-commerce design and development services in order to build them a new, modern website from scratch that is focused on the medical, research and laboratory markets. Hoefer Wysocki is an international architecture firm with over 150 employees and offices in Dallas and Kansas City. We worked with them to completely rebuild their website, develop a new content strategy that offers visitors an easy way to discover their projects by category, as well as establish a new, modern design for their brand. This is a university website that we migrated and redesigned from a proprietary platform to WordPress. The site get’s over 150000 unique visitors a month. We created a managed WordPress hosting infrastructure on AWS that includes complete staging push-pull functionality. We also created several custom components including dynamic content to create a list of university programs and single sign-on integration with Active Directory.… Memory for Memory for memory is a growing Non-Profit that turns donated electronics into funding for Alzheimer’s research. We created a new content strategy, graphics and website for their organization.

      Subtotal $12,150.00
      Total $12,150.00


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