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Zpods for Sleep
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January 30, 2021
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March 1, 2021
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    Project Overview (Zpods) is seeking to hire Brandit, LLC (Brandit) to redesign and rebuild its website from the ground up. The goal of this project will be to create an engaging, interactive website that reorganizes Zpod’s overall content strategy to better explain Zpods value propositions in a more concise way, as well as redevelop Zpod’s conversion funnel to present a lower barrier of entry for new leads based on pricing and financing options. 

    About Brandit

    Brandit is a full-service branding, content strategy, and design company that has worked with a wide range of businesses from venture-backed technology startups to Fortune 500 companies. 

    Our company started over 5 years ago after our founder struggled to get a basic website built. He found that in the world of website development, a large portion of service providers are building websites that are either built on proprietary platforms that lock clients’ into expensive hosting plans, or they are built with hard-coded templates making them extremely difficult to edit by your internal team without coding knowledge.

    This motivated us to create a WordPress platform that empowers internal teams to edit their website easily while leveraging a powerful cloud platform and WordPress framework. Our websites combine WordPress’ most widely used page-builder with a validated framework of plugins that are tailored to your business goals. This framework is both easy-to-use and capable of producing some of the most advanced design elements available on the web today. These sites can be built and run on any managed WordPress host, or we also offer fully-managed hosting plans that run on dedicated AWS and Digital Ocean containers which are capable of scaling to millions of monthly users.

    Our Approach

    We use a validated four milestone process for all project engagements. This process is designed to help us dig into the details of your brand and organization during Discovery in order to create the messaging and visual system that captures your brand in a beautiful, high-converting website.


    The site should launch within 60 days from the initial discovery meeting. Timing is subject to approvals and content being provided in a timely manner.

    Statement of Work and Estimates

    Price estimates are based on initial objectives and may change as mutually agreed upon tasks and objectives change. Cost estimates and payment schedules are provided in four milestones.

    Web Design & Rebuild Using Brandit’s WordPress Framework (15 Web pages) 

    Total Estimated Cost: $7,200

    Milestone 1 – Discovery, Wireframing, Content Strategy, and Scope of Work
    25% Deposit ($1800) of Total Project Fee is Due to Start Work

    Weeks 1

    Brandit and the Zpod team will schedule at least two initial conference calls that may be followed by additional phone calls and emails to discuss the core strategy and goals of the website redesign design project. During the first milestone Brandit will provide the following services:

    • Confirm site requirements for branding and design as well as sitemap and functionality.
    • Define any plugins or additional development needed to execute on website deliverables that are not already existing in the current theme such as Google Tag Manager, CRM integration, contact forms, etc. 
    • Examine and list leading websites and organizations in the child healthcare and sleep space with a discussion of which aspects of these sites are most appealing and effective.
    • Create detailed wireframes and content strategy deliverables for that includes low-fidelity mockups of all primary website pages with both content strategy and design notes for each page. This document is used as a detailed scope of work to describe the final website deliverable that will be ready at launch.

    Milestone 2: Primary Design and Development Sprint
    We’ll begin work after 50% of the total project fee ($3600) has been deposited and we receive the final wireframe and branding approval.

    Week 2-3 – Design

    With the wireframes and content strategy deliverable,  Brandit will spin up a development server on our platform or within Zpod’s existing hosting account and begin our initial design and development sprint. During Milestone 2, Brandit will perform the following services:

    • Work closely with the Zpod team to create finalized homepage designs that draw from the wireframe deliverables and website examples that were created in the first milestone. This home page sets the tone and design style for other internal pages on the website.
    • Customize and configure the theme, user experience, and content organization based on the approved wireframes. Mobile views of the website design will vary based on screen size and platform and will not look exactly the same for all users. However, all designs will be fully responsive and take a mobile-first approach.

    Weeks 3-4 Site Development, Internal Page Design, and 3rd Party Integrations

    • Create initial internal page layouts and designs using the Divi page builder.
    • Install and start configuration for any additional plugins needed for site functionality and 3rd party integrations as defined during Discovery.
    • Create final graphics for headers and featured graphics as needed using stock images and content provided by Zpod. This will also include device mockups of Zpod’s new mobile app on the home page and app landing page. 

    Milestone 3: Design Revisions, Speed Optimization, SEO
    We’ll begin work after 100% of the total project fee ($5400) has been deposited.

    Weeks 4

    After the initial designs have been sent over to you, the next weeks will include the design of unique features,  revision rounds, speed optimization, SEO. During these weeks, Brandit will provide the following services:

    • Complete two design and content revision rounds based on the feedback from the Zpod team with up to 15 hours of total work.
    • Test site on the latest two versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Edge as well as on most recent versions of Android and iOS on the last two years of device releases.
    • Add and configure WP Rocket speed optimization plugin to perform both on-site HTML, JS, and CSS minification and multi-level caching.
    • Perform on-site SEO optimization based on existing content using the Yoast SEO plugin.

    Milestone 4: Website Launch, Post-Launch Setup and Training
    We’ll begin work after 100% of the total project fee ($7200) has been deposited.

    Weeks 5-6

    • The final two weeks of the project include migrating your site to your existing host (we also provide optional enterprise-grade hosting at ScaleWP), pointing your domain to the new website, and adding and configuring the Cloudflare CDN if applicable. During these final weeks, Brandit will provide the following services:
    • Add and configure Cloudflare’s CDN to perform DNS-level HTML, JS, and CSS minification, multi-level caching and other speed optimizations.
    • Train staff to manage the site as needed in 1-2 training sessions via in-person meetings or by teleconference. This may include 2-4 personalized tutorial videos when necessary.
    • Assist with user issues and any final fixes totaling no more than four hours.

    Case Studies:
    Seaboard is a multinational, Fortune 500 holdings company with its global headquarters in Kansas City. Under our enterprise WordPress company, ScaleWP, we lead the design, development and creative direction of the Overseas and corporate website. Plan A Technologies is a new software development company that is led by two founders who have successfully built companies that had eight-figure exits. We worked with them to establish their brand, logo and overall design branding style guide during discovery. We then took these deliverables to create taglines, copywriting, and a website from the ground up. Legacy Clinical Consultants is mental health clinic with multiple locations in the Chicago area. We led the rebranding, logo design, content strategy, and WordPress development of their website and create a new client onboarding flow by integrating their contact form with Asana. This startup is revolutionizing how professional crypto miners set up and maintain their mining farms. We developed a new website for them from scratch and created custom isometric illustrations and data visualizations to explain how their system reduces their clients operating costs and energy usage. The Sports Bet Expert, Inc. is a rapidly expanding sports betting company that has over 60k followers and thousands of paid subscribers. We led the design and development of their new e-learning brand, Learn Sports Betting, and are currently leading the design and development of a paid e-learning platform using WordPress.    We led the rebranding, content strategy and website redesign for Urban Realty Holdings, a commercial real estate development company that specializes in the acquisition and redevelopment of commercial properties. In addition to the design and branding, we also built a membership portal for investors to view reports. The link included is the deliverable that was handed off to the Urbana team. This is our enterprise WordPress hosting platform that we built using the Cloudways API. In addition to leading the design and development of the enterprise hosting web application, we also created its branding, logo design, and a responsive website from scratch. This is a venture-backed blockchain company that came to us with only a whitepaper. We worked with them to develop a new logo design, branding, content strategy, copywriting, and website from scratch. We also acted as head of product for their web application, and led its complete redesign and front-end development. While working with us to redevelop their brand, website, product, and overall content strategy they have closed hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional funding and their valuation doubled from $10m to $20m. Hoefer Wysocki is an international architecture firm with over 150 employees and offices in Dallas and Kansas City. In partnership with Concera Media, a digital agency in Kansas City. We worked with them to completely rebuild their website, develop a new content strategy that offers visitors an easy way to discover their projects by category, as well as establish a new, modern design for their brand. Card Compliant is a nationally recognized law firm and technology company that helps major brands like the NFL better understand gift card compliance laws and regulations. We lead the development of their corporate website and we are also contracted to build an advanced compliance library and membership site that they plan to offer to their clients by the end of year. This is a university website that we migrated and redesigned from a proprietary CMS platform to WordPress. The site gets over 180000 unique visitors a month. We created a managed WordPress hosting infrastructure on AWS that includes complete staging push-pull functionality. Swerve Strength is a fitness startup that provides high-intensity training to soccer athletes and teams. We worked with them to develop a logo and branding design, content strategy, and website from the ground up. 


Subtotal $7,200.00
Total $7,200.00


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