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October 19, 2017
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November 18, 2017
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  1. Task
    1. The Goals:

    HeadFireStudio is hiring Brandit, LLC to provide content strategy & web design services in order to create a beautiful fully-responsive website that clearly defines their client’s value propositions for streamlining the hiring process for employers and technology talent.

    Web Design – Custom Self-Hosted Pro Package: 20 Custom Designed Web Pages + On-Site SEO Optimization + 1 Round of A/B Testing + Fully-Managed, Hosting Security & Updates or Migration to Self Hosted Site or up to 74 hrs of work.

    • Detailed content strategy and wireframe deliverable
    • 20 custom designed web pages led by Brandit’s Lead Designer
    • Create computer and mobile device product mockups of 6 talent profile screens
    • Development of a custom menu with centered logo and menu to the right.
    • Content Delivery Network Setup
    • Industry-standard SSL Certificate using LetsEncrypt
    • Conditional Contact forms
    • Advanced On-site SEO Optimization based on target key-words
    • Plugin & Theme Licenses & Costs ($238 total)
    • Divi Builder ($89 a year for updates but we provide the license for free because its open source)
    • Gravity forms ($39 a year)
    • Slider Revolution Integration ( $25 Advanced slider plugin that creates hero images and sliders — this is what is used to create animation with the laptop, tablet and phone on the top of the page)
    • Essential Grid Integration ($25 1 A/B Tests Over 1 Month)
    • Bloom Optins Integration (Included with Divi Builder)
    • Monarch Sharing Integration (Included with Divi Builder)
    • Branded WordPress backend with simplified navigation

    The Process:

    We will use a 3 milestones process for this project. Each milestone serves an important purpose, but one of the most important Milestones for determining the trajectory of the project is the first Milestone 1, because it determines the Scope of Work for your project.

    Milestone 1: Home Page & 6 Internal Page Deliverable

    We begin work after 33% of Total Project Deposit is Paid and this Contract & Terms of Service has been accepted.

    1) Planning based on Style Guide and PSD designs

    We take the website designs provided by HeadFireStudio and begin developing a built-out strategy for accomplishing specific design elements and pages. Once we understand what is needed, we will set up a private WordPress development environment that includes our plugin framework, the Divi Builder, as well as any additional plugins that are need to accomplish the site’s functionality.

    2) Scope of Work & Home Page Deliverable

    We’ll develop and design the home page based on the provided psd style guide for final approval by HeadFireStudio. This page will act as a design and development style guid and template for additional pages and headers throughout the website. This home page along with the wireframes and complete list of additional pages for the launch of the final website, will be included an short scope of work agreement that will be sent to HeadFireStudio for approval.

    3) Additional 6 Page Deliverable

    Using the Style Guide of the Home Page and the psd deigns provided by HeadFireStudio, we will build out an additional 6 pages of the website.

    Milestone 2: Next 13 Internal Page Deliverable

    We’ll begin work after 66% of total Project Deposit has Been Paid 30 Days after the acceptance of this estimate or when milestone 1) Deliverables are complete, the Scope of Work Agreement has been Executed by either payment or written approval, and we’ve a complete content submission from the client.

    1) Final 13 Page Deliverable & Revisions:

    We’ll submit your finalized responsive website built with WordPress with a fully labeled page builder on the backend that is easy to edit and understand. We then go through 2 rounds of revisions with up to 10 points each or up to 5 hours of work for the content and design of your website.

    2) Opt-in & Contact Form Setup

    We’ll set up your contact forms and interactive opt-in forms for your email campaigns if needed.

    1) Website Launch

    Once we are finished with the final revisions, we’ll either point your domain over to our fully hosted platform and set up your site’s Content Delivery Network with Cloudflare, HTML, JS & CSS minification (which improves speed, security and SEO). Optionally we can migrate your new website off of our platform onto your server and point your domain to the new website. We accept migrations for most WordPress hosting platforms.

    2) Client Training

    We’ll set up a final 1 hour meeting so you can learn how to set up more A/B tests, track conversions, and edit your website on the Brandit platform.

    Milestone 3: Final Approval

    The final 100% of total Project Deposit is Due as Soon as the final website is delivered and approved.

Subtotal $6,000.00
Total $6,000.00


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